My name is Steven Farag. I own a screen printing company in Central Illinois. I've been in the industry for 5 years. The decorated apparel industry is special. It's a community of family owned businesses that pour their hearts into their communities. We are a melting pot of creators, artists, marketers, managers, and employees.  We all support one another. I have been blessed to meet shops and make life long friends and mentors with others all around the country. It makes this whole entrepreneurship dream a little less lonely. 

These entrepreneurs have to pay, rent, mortgage, and upkeep on their fancy printing presses that have suddenly slowed down. When your business thrives on printing for groups, and those groups can no longer gather, there is no need for printed merch. It hurts.

But we get it. We know that when this is over you'll all need shirts, but until then, we need help weathering the storm. We want to exist when this is over.  This small effort can put a few bucks back into your local print shop.

Here's how this works.  A local print shop registers on the site for a wholesale account. Once they register and approve we'll onboard them and get them set up with their plugins.  When their customers buy a mask that business gets profit associated to that order. We're shipping out the masks. They're selling them.  We've kept them blank and unprinted to keep things simple. Passive income can help and the world needs masks right now.

That's why I'm doing this. 

Steven Farag